What is that weird animation on my homepage?

So nice of you to ask! What you are looking at is an example of the systems we study in Concurrency Theory. In short, it is an example of a mathematical formalisation of a simple internet protocol; the aim of our research is to design algorithms that can prove properties of these kinds of models.

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More precisely, the displayed animation is a visual simulation of the evolution of a π‑calculus program. The boxes are sequential processes, i.e. threads, and the dots are names, i.e. channels.

The simulation on the homepage is running a fixed program modelling a server/client system. The orange boxes are the clients, the blue ones are servers.

I wrote the simulator in JavaScript and D3.js to support my presentation on the contents of my Ph.D. thesis. The code evolved from a simple prototype and I am in the process of rewriting it completely. Once it is in usable state I’ll post it on GitHub, so stay tuned!